Gill Barratt was born in Lancashire and brought up in Worcestershire, daughter of a keen amateur painter and professional signwiter in the days when signs were hand painted.  She showed an aptitude for art from an early age and achieved qualifications in Art and Art History.  After leaving school Gill's art consisted of drawing and painting as a form of relaxation and purely for her own pleasure.

In 2005 Gill moved from London to Hampshire to enjoy the country life and to grow vegetables.  For 12 years Gill kept in excess of 100 chickens, guinea fowl, ducks and geese for eggs and meat.  She also kept pigs and rabbits for meat.  She added a variety of fruit trees and soft fruit bushes to her land with the intention of supporting old English varieties of both.  In 2018 Gill upped sticks and brushes and moved to rural France to paint in peace and to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.  

Gill took her inspiration for her early paintings from the animals and birds she kept on her smallholding.  From "Doris" her neighbour's hen who freeloaded at her holding every day to "Lucky" her handsome cockerel who "looked after" about 80 hens - they were all candidates for portraits. 

Gill was particularly fond of her Indian Runner ducks, which is evident in her paintings and line drawings of these comical creatures.  Her flock boasted many colours but her favourite was the pure white, one of whom was "Champion" - winner of the "Champion Waterfowl" at the Surrey County Agricultural Show in 2012.

After a move to Brittany and following a summer of travelling the globe in pursuit of the perfect dive, Gill has cut back on the smallholding and has expanded her art range.  She is looking forward to developing her vegetable plot in Brittany and tending the orchard which she has already planted. Already the Breton theme is coming to the fore in her paintings ("Mairie, Mael Pestivien", "Chapelle St Isadore" and "The Piper") and there are plans for more Breton themed paintings in the pipeline.  

Gill's art is on display in locations in Hampshire at Liphook Art and Framing, Headley Road, Liphook, Hampshire and Harley Lifestyle and Cafe, Unit 1, Dairy Farm, Eydon Road, Woodford Halse, Northants, NN11 3RG. There is a permanent exhibition of Gill's French themed paintings at "La Cornemuse", Place de L'Eglise, Mael Pestivien, 22160, Brittany, France.   She also attends local shows and art fairs - please see the calendar for dates of shows. 

Honours and Awards

2015 "GT" Light, Space and Time Annual Animal Art Competition - "Specially Recognised" 

2018 "The Art of Marmite" Bramshott and Liphook Arts and Crafts Society - Certificate of Excellence

2018 "Buzzard" Light, Space and Time Annual Animal Art Competion -"Special Merit"

2020 "Autumn's Bounty" Derwent Procolour Competition - Runner up

2020 "Manu's Tracteur" Published "Talking Point" Magazine of the UK Coloured Pencil Society

2020 Certificate in Coloured Pencils (Merit) London Art College

2020 "Apple Blossom" Published Anne Kuhlberg's Art Showcase

2020 "8 Bottles" Published Anne Kuhlberg's Art Showcase

2020 "8 Bottles" Published "Talking Point" Magazine of the UK Coloured Pencil Society 

e-mail [email protected] or call 07726 334831